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Quillen Chair of Excellence in Education

Clemmer College

Local Programs

Partnership with a Purpose

In fall 2018, Dr. Jamie Price, Assistant Professor in mathematics education, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, and Govett received an internally funded grant from the ETSU Research Development Committee (RDC). Over the previous year, the investigators have been offering professional development and guidance to implement a STEM curriculum including project-based and problem-based learning and other active teaching and learning strategies. The local intermediate school (Grades 5-6) with a population of 1209 students and 68 classroom teachers approached them with a request to help them in the application process for Tennessee STEM School Designation. This small award ($1,614.50) funded travel for a team of teachers and the investigators to visit and explore two STEM Designation Schools in the Nashville area.

East Tennessee State University Noyce Program

NSF Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program Track I: “Noyce East Tennessee STEM Teacher Recruitment” (2019 – 2024) Govett, A. Internal Evaluator and Co-Principal Investigator PI: Smith, B., CoI’s Uddin, M., Joyner, M., Kirkby, S.

East Tennessee State University has received a grant of $1,198,971 from the National Science Foundation to recruit and train high school science, mathematics, technology, and computer teachers.  The majority of the funding from this grant is dedicated to scholarships for the Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program for students with bachelor's degrees in five key subjects:  Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Engineering Technology, and Computer Science. The goal of this program is to encourage students majoring in those subjects to become high school teachers.

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