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Research Computing Services

Information Technology Services

Research Computing Services

To Students Seeking Exceptional Universities with Exceptional Undergraduate and Graduate Research Opportunities:

Are you seeking a great university education with opportunities to participate in undergraduate and graduate research or other scholarly activities? Whether you lean toward the sciences or toward the humanities, such possibilities abound at ETSU and our Office of Undergraduate Research and the College of Graduate and Continuing Studies will help you find opportunities in areas that interest you most. In addition, ETSU is an AWS Educate school. Through AWS Educate, you can learn cloud computing skills that can be applied to any area of research, business, or academics. The improved critical thinking and problem solving skills you gain through research or other scholarly activities, combined with an awareness and comfort with AWS cloud technologies, make strong additions to a job resume or an application to graduate or professional school.

Additional Expertise Gained Through Research (Transferable Skills):

  • Gather information; collect and manage data.
  • Create original works for publication, exhibition, presentation, or performance.
  • Design experiments; analyze and interpret observations.
  • Work in interdisciplinary teams; investigate related disciplines.
  • Explore subject matter at a deeper, more insightful level.
  • Write, present, and possibly publish complex ideas in a coherent manner.
  • Respond professionally to peer review or adjudication.

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Our Mission:

To provide prompt and practical IT support for ETSU Faculty, Staff, and Students as they perform research and scholarly activities to advance human knowledge and improve the quality of life.

Our Primary Business:

To provide prompt and practical support and follow up for researchers and scholars at ETSU. Our staff will work with you to facilitate planning, procurement, implementation, data management, and archival stages of your research program or scholarly activity.

Operational Goals:

  1. Provide support for RedCap online survey tools and protected data security through guest lectures, Zoom online meetings, boot camp training, and one-on-one training sessions.
  2. Assist with advanced computing services through the Advanced Computing Facility at UT/ORNL or via AWS EC2.
  3. Customize virtual private research clouds within AWS where your team can share and analyze data and collaborate with internal and external researchers.
  4. Provision virtual desktops through AWS WorkSpaces or AppStream2.
  5. Support faculty submitting grant applications with technical specifications, quotes and cost estimates, and product review.
  6. Provide boilerplates regarding IT support for research and data management best practices at ETSU for inclusion in grant applications and reports. (NOTE: we currently recommend as the best source of data management plan templates for federal research grants. We are working toward establishment of SSO but until then, please join as an individual).
  7. Apply extended enterprise WIN7 licenses for research computers not yet upgraded to Windows 10. The extended licenses expire on Feb. 11th, 2021.
  8. Advise faculty that top tier 4 year old computers re-imaged with WIN10 are available for research and scholarly activity via the re-purposed computer program.
  9. Promote secure network or cloud storage and backup of research/scholarly data and documents in compliance with the ETSU Digital Research Data Storage & Backup policy.
  10. Archival storage of research data for departing researchers in compliance with ETSU policy (NOTE: An archive has been set up where departing researchers may leave a copy of their research data accessibly only by the Vice Provost for Research & Sponsored Programs).
  11. Archival storage of research/scholarly data as a solution for departments, programs, or researchers.
  12. Meet with you, your group, your club, your committee, or your department to provide information and discuss any elements of research computing and resources in which you have interest.
  13. Follow up with those for whom we provide services.
  14. Promote research/scholarly activity through crowd-sourced funding opportunities.
  15. Maintain a current presence on Facebook and Twitter.

A Visit to Our Office

  • Bring us up to speed on IT-related aspects of your current or proposed research or scholarly project.
  • We'll help with routine matters as quickly as possible.
  • Facing challenges or obstacles? We'll add our collective knowledge and expertise to yours.
  • We'll help you develop practical and cost-effective solutions to bring your goals to fruition.



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