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College of Nursing

East Tennessee State University

Dr. Sharon Loury Profile

Dr. Sharon  Loury 

Associate Professor, Tenured
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  • NRSE 2310
  • NURS 5000
  • NURS 5990


Dr. Loury engages in community-based research in partnership with members of the Hispanic community. Dr. Loury has completed a pilot project on promoting migrant families' connections with loved ones in Mexico. Funded by an Ignition grant from Wake Forest, she is currently conducting a study on the Health Needs of Hispanics in East Tennessee. In addition, she is working on two smaller studies related to Hispanic quality of life and post partum depression risk factors with Hispanic females, in rural east Tennessee. She previously received a grant from East Carolina University to study patterns of alcohol use among young Hispanic men, and published her results in Family and Community Nursing and the Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. She has recently expanded her research to include The Promotora Model stress, social support and social isolation among Hispanic immigrants in rural settings. She has also published in Nurse Educator and Journal of Public Health and Management Practice and has presented nationally and regionally. Dr. Loury teaches theory, concepts and bioethics in the PhD program, interprofessional rural health, and population based health in the undergraduate program. Along with her research program of Hispanic Health, she is also collaborating with Dr. Florence Weierbach on a study funded by and ETSU Millennium grant that focuses on oral histories of nurses educated prior to 1960.


Loury, S., Bradfield, M., Florence, J., Silver, K., Hoffman, K., & Andion, A. (2013). Addressing the health of Hispanic migrant farmworkers in Rural East Tennessee through interprofessional education, experiential learning, and a university/community partnership. International Journal of Health Sciences Education, 1(1), 3. Available at:


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