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The Printmaking program offers studies, leading to the degrees of B.F.A. and M.F.A. The student can choose from a variety of processes, including woodcut, lino-cut, plate and stone lithography, silkscreen, etching, and engraving. Students are encouraged to develop a historical perspective in their work, as well as consider the works of contemporary artists. We believe that printmaking goes beyond the mere reproduction of a photo or drawing. Each proof is considered a unique exploration from inception to final impression.

During the initial program, the undergraduate will experience a broad study of the various printmaking media. The course entitled, Intro to Printmaking, is designed to cover the basics of plate processing, relief printing, color registration, use of tools, etchants, and general studio procedure. The Junior year will include the courses of Relief, Intaglio, Lithography, and Silkscreen. Eventually the student will settle into one or two of those processes. It is also possible to explore unconventional or innovative areas of printmaking. This is usually covered through independent work, often exceeding the scope of personal instruction. For example, past students have explored waterless lithography and the combination of unconventional materials.

Graduate students in printmaking pursue an intense program of creativity. This usually begins with finding the path of one's interest. Students are expected to have a prior working knowledge of printmaking techniques. It is my job to challenge existing ideas, pushing technical strengths, and nurturing the expressive nature of each individual. This is met through both group critiques and personal dialogue. Such creativity rarely stands independent of philosophical ideas. Creation of art is not isolated to technique alone, but requires relentless personal introspection and resolution.

Facilities and Equipment

The Printmaking Area occupies three ventilated rooms equipped for screenprinting, lithography, intaglio, monoprint, and relief.


Charles Brand Lithography Press
Plate backer
20+ stones of varying size (up to 32”)
Graining sink
Rollers of varying size


Charles Brand Etching Press
Takach Etching Press
Aquatint box
Pexto plate shear
Vertical Ferric Chloride bath for copper
Hot plate (20" x 30")
Brayers of varying size


Workhorse Exposure Unit
Screen drying area
Washout booth
Boards with clamps


Sage Perrott

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