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Biological Sciences

College of Arts & Sciences

Seminars are 4 pm Wednesday,  Brown Hall Room 304.

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Spring Break

Date Speaker Presentation Title

5 Sep

Blaine W. Schubert, Department of Geosciences, ETSU

Ice Age Megafauna and Humans from Underwater Caves of the Yucatan, Mexico

12 Sep

Sona Pandey, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, St. Louis, MO

Novel Heterotrimeric G-protein Signaling Mechanisms in Plants

19 Sep

Donald M. Walker, Department of Biology, Middle Tennessee State University

Ecological Hierarchy and the Importance of Scale in Host-Microbiome-Pathogen Interactions

26 Sep

Anthony Saviola, Department of Molecular Medicine, The Scripps Research Institute

Exploring the World of Snake Venoms: From Potent Toxins to Potential Therapeutics

3 Oct



10 Oct     

Daniel A. Barker, Graduate Student, Biological Sciences

Fine Scale Temporal Variation in Floral Vegetation and Pollen Transport Networks in a Native Grassland Community in Southern Appalachia


Rebecca Steele, Graduate Student, Biological Sciences

Chronoecology of a Cave Dwelling Orb-Weaver Spider (Meta ovalis)

17 Oct  Yinong Yang, Department of Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology, Huck Institutes of Life Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University CRISPR/Cas-enabled Plant Genome Editing

24 Oct

Patrick C. Bradshaw, Department of Biomedical Sciences, ETSU

Redox Coenzyme Levels Regulate Aging and Proteostasis in C. elegans

31 Oct



 7 Nov Katelyn H. Sellick, Graduate Student, Health Sciences BTZ20_3974; a Possible Regulator of an Antibiotic-like Compound from Rhodococcus Strain MTM3W5.2
14 Nov Michael Gangloff, Department of Biology, Appalachian State University TBA 



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