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The Chemistry Department offers MS degrees in chemistry in all four major divisions in chemistry: analytical, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry.The program requires 30 credit hours of a combination of core courses and thesis research. Students are required to successfully complete three credit hours of each of all four core courses. The students must pass a comprehensive exam in the division of their thesis concentration. They are also required to conduct thesis research, write it, present it in a seminar, and defend an oral exam. All graduate level and special topics courses are offered in the evenings. Graduate teaching assistantships and tuition scholarships are available for qualified students.

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Apply for graduate teaching assistantship or tuition scholarship.

The courses listed below are available for our Graduate Program. Click on the link to see the attached syllabus.

CHEM 5010 - Graduate Seminar
CHEM 5019 - Supervised Teaching
CHEM 5110 - Advanced Inorganic I *
CHEM 5120 - Advanced Inorganic II *
CHEM 5142 - Reaction Mechanisms of Coordination Chemistry
CHEM 5210 - Advanced Analytical Chemistry I *
CHEM 5220 - Advanced Analytical II *
CHEM 5450 - Advanced Laboratory in Chemistry
CHEM 5510 - Advanced Organic Chemistry *
CHEM 5541 - Organic Reaction Mechanisms *
CHEM 5547 - Molecular Orbital Theory for Organic Chemistry
CHEM 5710 - Chemical Thermodynamics *
CHEM 5741 - Chemical Kinetics *
CHEM 5743 - Quantum Chemistry *
CHEM 5817 - Introduction to Industrial Chemistry
CHEM 5950 - Research in Chemistry
CHEM 5957 - Special Topics in Chemistry
CHEM 5960 - Thesis in Chemistry
CHEM 5990 - Readings and Research
CHEM 5989-5999 - Cooperative Education

* indicates core course

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