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College of Arts & Sciences

The Honors-in-Chemistry program is designed to provide an enhanced program of study for chemistry majors who seek a challenging and stimulating college experience.

Students enrolled in any of the major concentrations in chemistry, and who are eligible, may participate in the Honors-in-Chemistry program. Honors-in-Chemistry students must complete all department degree requirements including a total of 12 hours of honors courses within the department plus a Senior Thesis research project in chemistry (6 hours).

Chemistry is an experimental science. We believe the laboratory component to be the underpinning which illustrates chemical principles and generates enthusiasm among students. With this philosophy, the Honors-in-Chemistry program seeks to:

  1. Enrich the student's experience in chemistry by providing challenging opportunities for study in and beyond the classroom.
  2. Provide an environment that encourages individual investigation of chemical principles and phenomena in the laboratory.
  3. Develop mentoring relationships with faculty and peers through small group interactions in classes, seminars, and investigative projects.
  4.  Involve students in independent research in close cooperation with a mentoring faculty so they may experience the excitement and satisfaction of scientific discovery.

Admission, Retention and Graduation Criteria

To apply for the program,

Submit an Application Form .

For additional information contact:

Department of Chemistry
P.O. Box 70695
East Tennessee State university
Johnson City, TN 37614
(423) 439-6917

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Honors Application Form

Honors Checklist

Thesis Form

Please note: that the Chemistry Department accepts applications for the Honors-in-Discipline program on a rolling basis. However, if the student would like to be considered for a scholarship, offered through the Honors College, the application must be received in the Chemistry Department before March 1st for the fall semester and November 1st for the spring semester.

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