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College of Business and Technology

Our vision is to educate, collaborate, innovate and inspire.

Welcome to East Tennessee State University's College of Business and Technology (CBAT). The college serves over 2,800 students and consists of seven departments that offer a diverse range of academic programs. Within the college, you will find undergraduate and graduate programs in areas such as: Accountancy, Computing, Digital MediaEconomics and Finance , Engineering, Engineering Technology, Interior Architecture, Management and Marketing, and Surveying and Mapping.

The College of Business and Technology has set high standards for the instruction and curriculum received within each academic department. Therefore, our degree programs are accredited by premier organizations within each discipline. 


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The Accountancy program is designed to help students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, as well as learn the technology commonly used in the profession.
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The Computing program provides students with a strong background in software development, computer organization, database management, networking, and computer security. The Computing program offers four concentrations to help students achieve their career goals.
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Digital Media

The Digital Media program is a fast-paced, creative environment that is close-knit, team-oriented, and competitive—in a friendly way! The program offers four concentrations: Animation, Game Design, Visual Effect, and Visualization.


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Economics & Finance

The Economics and Finance program provides students with the educational experience necessary to succeed in a competitive global environment. Students can earn a traditional Bachelor of Business Administration degree in either Economics or Finance or they can choose to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics.


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Tennessee Tech University and East Tennessee State University now offer a joint degree in general engineering. The program consists of  coursework in electrical, mechanical and civil engineering. This degree prepares students to support a broad area of engineering needs.
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Engineering Technology

Engineering technologists focus on the implementation and real-life application of engineering solutions and designs. The Engineering Technology program offers six concentrations: Biomedical, Construction, Electronics, Industrial, Manufacturing, and Product Development.


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Interior Architecture

Interior architecture is a multi-faceted profession that focuses on both the creative and technical components of a structure. The Interior Architecture program focuses on finding solutions that are functional as well as aesthetically attractive.
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Management & Marketing

The Management and Marketing program equips students with the leadership and managerial skills needed to succeed in the ever-changing business industry. Students will receive a degree in either marketing or management and can choose from a variety of concentrations to help meet their career goals.
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Surveying & Mapping

The Surveying and Mapping program focuses on science, mathematics, and measurement theory. Graduates of the program will receive both the theoretical and hands on training needed to begin their career as a professional surveyor.


Military Science

 The College of Business and Technology is also home to ETSU's Army ROTC program. This program provides students with extensive leadership training and gives them the opportunity to receive a minor in Military Science

 Military Science Program


ETSU's Army ROTC offers top notch leadership courses for students interested in serving the nation as Army officers. Through class work and field training, students will learn first-hand what it takes to lead, motivate groups, overcome challenges, and succeed in a competitive environment. During their time at ETSU, students will receive the tools, training, and experience necessary to graduate as a commissioned Second Lieutenant in the United States Army.


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