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2020 SRA Application Process


Application for Summer Research Assignment

Summer Research Assignment Evaluation Criteria

Summer Research Assignment Review Scoring Criteria 

Summer Research Assignments (SRAs) at Clemmer College

Clemmer College decided to pilot a financial incentive program for Summer Research Assignments (SRAs) so that recipients could focus on research and scholarly activity rather than teaching this summer. The recipients were chosen through an application process, in which they submitted proposals to the Internal Research Advisory Committee. “Part of the reason we decided to award SRAs was to show how much the Clemmer College values faculty research. Providing researchers with undistracted time to complete a set of observable and measurable objectives that result in a variety of scholarly products is invaluable,” says Dr. Pamela Mims, Associate Dean of Research and Grants. “We hope to continue to provide similar incentives in the future as we hope they have a good return on the investment.”

                                                 Announcing the 2019 SRA Award Winners:

Dr. Jill Channing - Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis

Dr. Lisa Dunkley - Counseling & Human Services

Dr. Ruth Facun-Granadozo - Early Childhood Education

Dr. Natalie Smith - Sport, Exercise, Recreation & Kinesiology

Dr. LeAnn Kesselring - Sport, Exercise, Recreation& Kinesiology

Dr. Kwangman Ko - Counseling & Human Services

Dr. Alissa Lange - Early Childhood Education








                                                               2018 SRA Award Winners:

Dr. Bill Garris - Counseling & Human Services

Dr. Renee Moran - Curriculum & Instruction

Dr. Caleb Bazyler - Sport, Exercise, Recreation & Kinesiology

Dr. Alison Barton - Educational Foundations & Special Education

Dr. Ryan Nivens - Curriculum & Instruction

Dr. Rebecca Milner - Counseling & Human Services






To learn more about these project, please read our 2018 Newsletter: SRA Projects.

Clemmer College Faculty Research Award Winner for 2019 is Dr. Renee Moran. Congratulations!

Dr. Moran winning Research Award 2019

The distinguished faculty award is given to a faculty member for his or her research accomplishments. This year the Faculty Research Award goes to Dr. Renee Moran, Associate Professor in the department of Curriculum and Instruction. One of Dr. Moran’s nominators gave the following description:

“Renee maintains a strong research agenda with a primary focus on elementary literacy, integrating STEM and literacy, and policy influences on literacy education. She had been Pl or Co-Pl on numerous grant-funded projects including a current grant from the U.S. Department of Education in collaboration with members of CUAI and the Center of Excellence in Mathematics and Science Education. Her research activities in these grant projects has varied widely, but Renee always provides focused and knowledgeable guidance as a team member and collaborator. During the course of her career, Renee's work has been published in top journals of her field; she has co-authored book chapters; and she recently edited a book, Handbook of Science Research: Literacy Integration in Classroom Environments.”


Past Recipients of the Clemmer College Faculty Research Award:

                                 2019 - Dr. Renee Moran

                                 2018 - SLICE Management Team (Dr. Karin Keith, Dr. Renee Moran, Dr. Laura

                                             Robertson, and Dr. Chih-Che Tai)

                                 2017 - Dr. Huili Hong

                                 2015 - Dr. Pamela Mims


ETSU Faculty Research Award Recipients from Clemmer College:


                                  2008 - Dr. Michael Stone

                                  2004 - Dr. Jim Fox

                                  1999 - Dr. Martha Coutinho

                                  1994 - Dr. Wesley Brown




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