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 Funding Opportunities

See the link below for a list of internal grant opportunities:

Internal Funding

See the link below for other funding opportunities: 

Other Opportunities

Writing a Grant Proposal

This page provides information to assist researchers before, during, and after the grant approval process. Below is detailed information about all the steps that must be completed in the grant proposal process. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please don't hesistate to contact us.


Steps for Writing and Routing a Grant Proposal:

1. Decide to submit a proposal/application
This is based on need or interest within a given field. Please review the Investigator's Guide to Sponsored Programs Administration (iGuide) for further information. The iGuide Introduction can be found here.
 2.  Complete the Notice of Intent to Submit a Proposal Form

The Notice of Intent to Submit a Proposal form can be found on the ORSPA website, under the Internal Routing Forms heading.

3.  Determine Eligibility 
4. Develop Your Budget 
5. Complete the Internal Routing Form
6. Complete the Significant Financial Interest Disclosure Form
  • Complete the Significant Financial Interest Disclosure form which can be found on the ORSPA website, under the Compliance heading.
  • This is the responsibility of every investigator.
  • For more information or specific questions, please contact at ORSPA 
7. Route the Internal Routing Form and grant proposal (including internal budget and Clemmer College Cover Sheet) to Department Chair and AD of Research and Grants
  1. Route form to your Department Chair
  2. Route form to Kasey Hommel, Financial Management Analyst for Clemmer College 439-7519

  3. Kasey will route form to AD of Research and Grants: , Associate Dean of Research and Grants 
8. Route the Internal Routing Form and grant proposal to the ORSPA for final review/
  • Once documents have been reviewed and approved at the department and college levels, they should be routed to the ORSPA for final review and approval (Electronic or Hardcopy Submission, refer to sponsor’s application process).
  • View the  iGuide: Proposals section for more information.
  • ORSPA office at
    439-6052 or

While Waiting for Approval:

1. Complete CITI training for human research, if needed
2. To get set up in IRB Manager, submit a Request for Login form
3. Return the Request for Login form
  • Complete, sign, and submit the Request for Log-in Form to Sarah Gustafson ()
  • OR Deliver it to the IRB Office in Ross Hall, Room 423
4. Complete IRB Manager training by phone
  • Once the IRB department receives your Request for Login form, they will contact you to set up a training date and time. Login and Password will be given during the session.
  • ETSU Office for the Protection of Human Research Subjects, IRB at 423-439-6053
  • Please visit the How To's section of the IRB website for more information.
5. Submit a new study to IRB
  • Login:
    You will see the IRBManager Login Screen. Enter your Username, Password, and client (etsu)
  • Starting Your New Protocol xForm: 
       1. Select the Home tab
       2. Under the Actions column, select Start xForms. 
       3. Choose the appropriate New Protocol Submission according to the location of the research. 
       4. Complete and submit the xForm; include attachments where applicable. 
    * If you need to take a break and work on it later, select “Save for Later.” 
       5. When you have completed the entire form, select Submit. 
    * Once submitted, your Protocol will go through 6 review stages.
  • ETSU Office for the Protection of Human Research Subjects, IRB at 423-439-6053
  • , IRB Director at 423-439-6054 
6. Complete the Modified Position Questionnaire
  • Modified Questionnaire
  • Note: The modified questionnaire is a shortened version of the standard university questionnaire and is to be used only to assist in position development. Upon final approval of your grant, you will be requested to complete the full Classification Questionnaire for the position.
  • For more information visit the Grant Development Assistance webpage. 
  • Office of Human Resources at 423-439-4457
7. Visit the Office of Human Resources to gain information on all guidelines/forms
  • Bring the modified questionnaire to the Office of Human Resources to be evaluated.
  • Diana McClay or Lori Erickson at 423-439-5825 or 

 After Approval:

1. PI will receive a copy of the official account set-up paperwork
  • After receiving the paperwork, Grant Accounting will assign an index to the PI, department, and college.
2. Complete and submit the signed Pre-Award Sponsored Program Account Request Form and required documentation to the ORSPA
3.  Familiarize yourself with all Banner forms and tools
  • Banner training is available through Training and Development, Office of Human Resources
  • Personnel Management:
    If the sponsored project budget includes summer salary for one or more ETSU faculty with a 9-month appointment or an ETSU faculty member qualifies as an “intra-institutional consultant”, the Request for Additional Pay on a Sponsored Project form should be completed for each payment
  • Subawards and Subrecipient Monitoring:
    The PD/PI must complete the Subaward Request Form to initiate the subaward process.
  • Re-budget Requests on Sponsored Projects:
    The PD/PI initiates any request to rebudget sponsored project funds by completing a Rebudget Request Form, obtaining the required signatures, and submitting it to ORSPA for review/approval
  • For additional information, refer to iGuide: Post-Award Management.
4. Complete the full Classification Questionnaire
5. Contact the Affirmative Action Office
  • The Affirmative Action Office will review procedures for conducting a search in compliance with affirmative action requirements, i.e., where to advertise, composition of the search committee, direct contacts for nominations, certification of applicant pool prior to interviewing, etc.
6. Submit a Request to Advertise through the eJobs at ETSU electronic system
7. Conduct your Search
  • Conduct your search in compliance with all university and affirmative action procedures.

Financial Conflict of Interest

Definition of Financial Conflict of Interest: 
FCOI exists when ETSU, through its designated official(s), reasonably determines that an employee’s significant financial interest is related to a sponsored project and could directly and significantly affect the design, conduct or reporting of the project.
What might cause a Financial Conflict to Arise?
Where an individual's financial or personal considerations may affect or appear to affect their ETSU institutional activities. The existence of a real or apparent financial conflict does not necessarily mean that the activity at issue must be avoided or discontinued. A financial conflict of interest depends on the situation, and not on the character or actions of the individual.
Steps to Take In Order to Disclose Any Potential FCOI
  1. Visit the Financial Conflict of Interest Policy page.
  2. Fill out the Significant Financial Interest Disclosure form (found under the Compliance heading).
  3. If a significant financial interest is indicated on the SFI Disclosure Form, an SFI Disclosure Attachment (found under the Compliance heading) must also be completed and submitted. ORSPA will coordinate notifications of this requirement.
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