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Honors College

East Tennessee State University

Typically, the Honors Thesis is a year-long project over two semesters, with Honors Scholars students enrolling in an Honors Thesis class of three credit hours each semester.

The subject of the thesis almost always represents the scholar's major, but exceptions can be approved with the program Directors', Departmental Coordinators' and/or Thesis Mentors' written permission. Such exceptions usually represent the student’s minor.

Thesis hours (e.g., NRSE 4018, FNCE 4018, HIST 4018, MUSC 4018, etc.) are specific to the department or college of the Faculty Mentor. Honors Scholars students should arrange for this course to be built with their Faculty Mentor PRIOR to registration for the semester before enrollment. The best time to make these arrangements is when the student and Thesis Mentor are completing the Thesis Contract. Faculty Thesis Mentors must request the creation of these courses from their department or college executive aides.

For some majors, Honors Thesis credits apply to the major degree program requirements; however, Honors Scholars should consult with their major advisors regarding applying thesis credit to the major.

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