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Honors College

East Tennessee State University

Thesis Mentors are one of the most important elements of the thesis research project. They guide and shape the research, creative effort, or set of experiments from their first conceptualization by the undergraduate student through to the presentation of the thesis. Thesis mentors work closely in the process of completing the final draft of the written thesis and assist with the process of uploading the thesis to eThesis. Thesis Mentors also develop a mentoring relationship with the Honors thesis student, helping them to understand the value of research, gain a deeper understanding of the field and anticipate the value of the thesis after graduation. 

The first step in the process of the Honors Thesis is completing the Thesis Contract with the Honors Scholar student. Following this, Faculty Thesis Mentors must request the creation or building of thesis courses from their department or college executive aides. Honors Thesis courses are built as -4018 (e.g. HIST 4018, DIGM 4018, ECON 4018, etc.), are repeatable for credit and will need to be built for both semester. 

Completing the Honors Thesis is an amazing accomplishment, both for the faculty and the student, but many mentors often have questions about the process. To help, here are a number of documents that might answer some of those questions: 

Guidelines for Mentoring Student Honors Theses

Honors Thesis Rubric

The Honors Thesis: A Handbook for Honors Directors, Deans, and Faculty Advisors. National Collegiate Honors Council Monograph Series (click on Download Full Text for the PDF)

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