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University Health Center

College of Nursing


Currently enrolled students are not charged a sick office visit fee for an appointment with a healthcare provider, however if the provider orders labs, immunizations or special procedures, women's health appointments and pap tests, or if you request a preventative physical exam (or check-up), you and/or your insurance are responsible for these charges.

Behavioral Health visits with certified providers are free of charge for the provider consultation.  Any required labs will be the responsibility of your insurance and/or yourself. 


  • If your provider orders any labs or procedures, the billing prices will be discussed with you prior to the test.
  • Some labs are sent to an outside laboratory to be performed. If you have insurance, your insurance will be filed for the costs by the performing laboratory. You will receive a statement from that laboratory showing what was filed to your insurance and what remaining balance is your responsibility to pay. Any unpaid balance will be your responsibility to pay to that laboratory. This is not a charge from the University Health Center.
  • University Health Center will file most insurances for in-house labs or procedures.
  • As a patient, it is your responsibility to know and understand your insurance plan benefits. Not all services are covered in all insurance contracts.
  • You may have a deductible to meet as well. It is your responsibility to know if you have a deductible and if the clinic is in network with your insurance company.
  • If your insurance plan does not cover a service or procedure, you are responsible for payment of these charges before the end of the current semester that the cost was incurred.
  • APPOINTMENT NO-SHOW, NO CANCELLATION FEE.  If you have an appointment and are unable to keep it, please call the clinic phone (423) 439-4225 to inform us that you cannot keep your appointment. You may leave a message on this line only, that you cannot make your appointment. This cancellation call must be made at least one hour prior to your appointment time.  This allows us to give this appointment to another sick patient.  Failure to do this, will result in you being charged a No-Show fee of $20.  You will incur a Clinic Hold on your ETSU student account for this missed appointment.
  • Clinic Debt Hold-Any unpaid clinic charges will result in a Clinic Debt Hold placed on your student account.  This Clinic Hold will prevent you from receiving your grades, registering for classes, drop/add a class, or graduate.
  • Please make sure your clinic charges are paid. If your insurance does not pay for your entire costs, you will receive a statement each month that you have a balance due. Please make sure that we have your correct address for you to receive a statement of any charges owed.
Domestic Students

East Tennessee State University has determined not to sponsor a domestic insurance plan for the current academic year.

A website has been established to assist you in comparing various health care exchange and marketplace options. 

International Students

The international student insurance provider is International Student Protection (ISP). Please follow the link below to enroll in the TBR plan for International Student Insurance. Please insert the school name in the drop box: East Tennessee State University.  Once you have enrolled, you will be able to create an online account within approximately 48-72 business hours so that you can obtain your electronic insurance ID card.  Using this page, you can find the information you need to manage your particular plan.  In addition to enrolling, you can check your claims through the site. 

Please visit: ETSU International Student Insurance

Please contact Mr. Bueno if you have any questions:

Mr. Jim Bueno, Senior Account Executive
International Student Protection
J.Duetch Associates
111 John Street, Suite 750
New York, NY  10038
T. 877-738-5787
F. 212-693-4753


We cannot file your insurance claim without your card. If you are unsure if your medical expenses are covered by your insurance company, please contact your insurance company's benefits coordinator for this information.

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