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College of Nursing

Introducing a New Partnership With Your Provider!

In the coming months you will be hearing more and more about Patient Centered Medical Homes. In fact, our Health Centers are working right now to become certified as a Patient Centered Medical Home.


nurse practitioner and patient

This is a big step for us. And for you

  • A big step away... from a hard-to-navigate health care system, especially if you have multiple health problems and see a number of providers and specialists.
  • A big step and your provider working together to oversee and coordinate your overall care
  • We will spend a lot of time in the coming months building a healthy relationship with you.

What is Your Patient-Centered Medical Home?

Think of it as the place you want to come for all of your health care needs.

Whether you need a simple check- up, or referrals for more specialized care, your Nurse-Managed Health Center provider will help you find your way. A Patient-Centered Medical Home means your provider and a care team coordinates and manages all of your care - tracking your medications and test results, offering 24-hour access, and monitoring any chronic illnesses. We will coordinate your care with medical specialists and testing centers. And we will be more accessible, with same-day or nextday appointments and e-mail availability. Care in a Patient-Centered Medical Home is shaped to meet your needs and preferences. You become a more active, prepared and knowledgeable participant in your care. Our big focus is prevention. Rather than just fix your problems, we want to partner with you to keep you healthy - through cholesterol and weight management, exercise programs, nutrition education, and other efforts.

A Few Things to Begin

We are asking you to


  • Provide us with all of the information you have regarding your health and illness
  • Tell us what medications and supplements you are taking
  • Tell us about your needs and concerns
  • Respect us as individuals and partners in your care
  • Be involved in your health care decisions
  • Let us teach you about wellness and disease prevention
  • Learn all you can about your insurance and what it covers
  • Follow our medical advice and treatments. If you can’t, let us know why so we can help with other options
  • Contact us during emergencies so we can direct you to the right care


In return, we will


  • Provide care given by a team of people led by your provider
  • Provide the best possible treatment and advice
  • Support you in your health care goals and desires
  • Manage illness, chronic disease, and give advice to help you stay healthy
  • Support you in your health care goals and desires
    Respect you as an individual
  • Respect your privacy
  • Respect your right to information – we will be honest, complete and clear with information we provide
  • Give you timely access to care. A medical decision-maker is available through our office 24 hours a day


Over the next several months we will


  • Ask what you want to do to improve your health
  • Ask you to help us plan your care
  • Give you a written copy of the plan
  • Remind you when tests are due
  • Ask you to have blood tests done before your visit
  • Use computers and other technology to offer new,
  • better and faster ways to help you manage your care


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