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About Gatton College of Pharmacy

East Tennessee State University


Hailing from 33 states, our students choose us in order to learn in a challenging and engaging environment, to connect with caring faculty and staff, and to grow professionally through pharmacy organizations. Faculty members with extensive experience teach an integrated curriculum that equips our students with mastery-level knowledge and skills necessary to become competent pharmacists.  Gatton students also have the opportunity to pursue a dual degree and earn a PharmD/MPH or PharmD/MBA, earn a BS in Pharmacy Studies through our degree completion program, and learn to practice patient care as members of an interprofessional healthcare team within the Academic Health Sciences Center at ETSU.


Our college-wide open-door approach to education and administration fosters a culture that is welcoming and nurturing for all, especially our students. Small class sizes and one-on-one availability with faculty mentors contribute to a family environment and a focus on learning. Our culture is admired by the pharmacy community because we know our students, we care about and respect our students, and we develop our students to be progressive pharmacists that improve healthcare. According to our students and alumni, we are the “Gatton Family.”


A hallmark of an outstanding education is providing our students with lifelong learning experiences beyond the classroom.

       Leadership, Service, and Professional Growth

Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy supports six professional organizations, three pharmacy fraternities, one honor society, one pharmacy leadership society, and one faith-based special interest organization. Our students lead a national award-winning chapter of Generation Rx, serve in national leadership roles, attend professional meetings throughout the country, and impact our region through community outreach. Learn more.

       Collaboration in Real World Research

Thirty percent of our students are involved in real world research ranging from cancer studies to prescription opioid abuse, and many pursue the Concentration in Pharmacy Research, a program allowing our students to demonstrate excellence in basic or clinical research. Learn more.

       International Study

Our students have the opportunity to select an APPE rotation in Ireland, Scotland, or Hungary. The exchange program also enables Gatton students to interact with and learn from the visiting pharmacy students during their stay in the United States.  Opportunities to participate in medical mission experiences also exist. Learn more

       The Voices of Our Students

Our students hold voting positions on most college committees, and class officers serve as liaisons between the class and the college administration. Our goal is to maintain one of the strongest student-centered pharmacy programs in the nation. We listen, respect, and respond to our students, who are valuable change agents in the college.

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