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Current Gatton Pharmacy Students

East Tennessee State University

Welcome to the Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy at East Tennessee State University!  

First, let me offer my congratulations to you for advancing to this point in your professional education. Being accepted to the Gatton College of Pharmacy was a very competitive undertaking. You should be proud of your accomplishment.  The academic expectations of pharmacy school are rigorous. This is by design, not to make your life difficult for four years, but to prepare you for the responsibility entrusted to you. That responsibility relates to protecting and advancing the health and well being of the public we serve. This cannot be accomplished alone. You will need the help and support of your classmates, professors, and preceptors.

You are charged with setting expectations of pharmacy classes that follow you. Take this responsibility seriously. This is not only to model professionalism in pharmacy school, but more importantly, set the tone for Gatton College of Pharmacy graduating Pharmacists committed to life-long learning and "giving back" to your profession. You will have many opportunities to participate in pharmacy organizations while in school and it is our hope that you will continue this commitment as a practicing pharmacist.

This student handbook contains those guidelines, policies, and procedures that most directly impact our students. It is intended to supplement and to help you consolidate the information and advice you will receive from our faculty and staff. Please familiarize yourself with the contents.

Thank you for choosing the Gatton College of Pharmacy and for putting your trust in us. I look forward to working with each of your in the coming year.

Debbie C. Byrd, PharmD, MBA, BCPS

Dean and Professor

Click here to access the Student Handbook

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