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Dean of Students

Division of Student Life and Enrollment



The CARE Team promotes safety and student support through a multidisciplinary group of staff members who review student behavior that is distressful, disruptive, or concerning. In addition, the team coordinates the application of assessment and intervention services for students of concern.

The CARE Team promotes a safe and productive learning, living, and working environment by addressing the needs of students through coordination of support services, the assessment of information, and the development of a supportive plan of action.

CARE Team Members:

  1. , Assistant Dean of Students, Chair
  2. , Director of Housing and Residence Life
  3. , Associate Director for Residence Life
  4. , Director of the Counseling Center
  5. , Public Safety
  6. , Director of the University Health Center
  7. , Office Coordinator, University Health Center
  8. , Director, Multicultural Center
  9. , Director of New Student and Family Programs
  10. , Assistant Dean of Students for Student Engagement
  11. , Director, Adult Commuter and Transfer Services
  12. , Undergraduate Student Success Coordinator
  13. , Interim Case Manager for Student Affairs
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