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Learning Support Program

University Advisement Center

Learning Support Program


Learning Support is a program that reflects a commitment to student success on the part of East Tennessee State University.  It is the intent of the Learning Support Program to offer the necessary academic support to students whose college entrance test scores indicate an academic need. Through the use of structured classrooms providing additional instruction, the Learning Support Program offers students support with essential skills in Mathematics, English (writing components) , and reading comprehension.

The goal of the Learning Support Program is to support students in:

  • a smooth transition to university-level work
  • raising competency in areas of Mathematics, English (writing components), and reading comprehension, and
  • maximizing academic success so students may attain their academic goals and GRADUATE!

UAC Staff

Learning Support is comprised of dedicated advisors, faculty and staff who support students as they work to enhance essential skills in math, writing, and reading. Academic Advisors play a key role in the program assisting students in all phases of the Learning Support process. An essential component of student advisement involves regularly scheduled, individual sessions. Students enrolled in multiple areas of Learning Support labs will be advised by the University Advisement Center. Professional Advisors are available to offer:

  • academic guidance and support
  • referrals to tutoring resources
  • career counseling to enable students to succeed in their chosen academic pursuits
  • assistance with personal adjustment to college life
  • goal formation
  • support counseling

Referrals for more involved counseling or psychological and career testing can be made to the Counseling Center.

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University Advisement Center
Located in The Sherrod Library, 3rd Floor, Room 355

Phone: 423-439-5244
Fax: 423-439-8384

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