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Department of Literature and Language

College of Arts & Sciences

Most ETSU students first become acquainted with the Department of Literature and Language through the Freshman Composition sequence . . . 

English 1010 ("Critical Reading and Expository Writing") and English 1020 ("Critical Thinking and Argumentation"). These two courses are designed to give students a foundation in critical reading, thinking, and writing; students then build upon this foundation in more advanced courses within their chosen majors.


Students who major in English elect one of two tracks, both of which require 36 hours of coursework.

  • The Teaching track is a highly structured sequence of those courses needed to teach at the middle-school and high-school levels. Students who follow this track must also minor in Teacher Education in order to become certified by the State of Tennessee.
  • The Non-Teaching (or "regular") track offers students more choice in their programs of study. Students select eight courses in specified areas, as well as four upper-level English electives. Some students group these electives into an informal interest area (such as writing, ethnic literature, British literature, poetry), while others use them to explore a wide range of topics.

Foreign Languages

The Department of Literature and Language offers majors in Foreign Language with concentrations in German and Spanish. Students who wish to teach these languages in secondary schools also follow a directed curriculum requiring a minor in Teaching Education.

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