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Center for Community College Leadership

Claudius G. Clemmer College of Education

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Coursework is delivered online with two weekend
face-to-face seminar sessions in each semester

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General Program Information

The Certificate in Community College Leadership Program is a 15-credit program of study designed to provide participants with specific leadership and management tools for the community college environment. The focus of the program is to further educate community college faculty and staff who seek positions of leadership or increased responsibility for those already in positions of leadership.

Course Descriptions

ELPA 7110: Community Colleges in the United States: Foundations: History & Philosophy          (Credit: 3)
   History * Philosophy * Contributions * Structures
This course emphasizes the history, philosophy, and contemporary nature of community colleges in terms of organization and administration, students, faculty, curriculum and instruction, finance, and issues and trends.

ELPA 6870: Field Research in Educational Leadership: Capstone Course                                        (Credit: 3)
                  Assessment * Evaluation * Research * Presentation
Students will take an active part in the collection and analysis of research data of importance to educational leaders. Students will also take an active part in the writing of research reports and dissemination of findings.

ELPA 6020: Seminar in Educational Supervision: Internal Relations & the Community College Leader
                  Internal Relations * Staffing * Communication * Resources                          (Credit: 3)
An examination of problems and issues in supervision. Emphasizes evolving concepts of supervision and strategies and practices of promoting instructional change.

ELPA 6454: Policy, Power & Politics in Education: Community College Policy Research            (Credit: 3)
Public Policy * Analysis * Advocacy * Master Planning
This course critically examines the interrelationship of the formal and informal political and social forces that influence the development of federal, state, and local educational policy in the United States. Emphasis will be given to the development of individual strategies to influence educational policy within the democratic process.

ELPA 6561: Organizational Development: External Relations & the Community College Leader (Credit: 3) 
                 External Relations * Media * Fundraising * Partnerships
The principal purpose of this seminar is to show the process by which planned change occurs in educational organizations through the application of behavioral science knowledge. The focus of organizational development is on the ability of organization members to diagnose and solve their own problems. Organizational development addresses a broad range of topics, including the effects of change, the methods of organizational change, and the factors influencing organizational development success.    

Course Schedule

Course Structure

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