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Contractual Scholarships

Contractual Scholarships

Students who are interested in a service-connected program, wherein fees and tuition, together with monthly stipends, are paid in return for service as a physician for a stipulated term. The programs in which most students participate are as follows:


  • National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Scholarship

The National Health Service Corps is not accepting applications. Check back in March!

The National Health Service Corps Scholarship is designed for U.S. citizens and requires a service agreement. The service placement agreements may include rural community health centers and the medical facilities of the Department of Justices Federal Bureau of Prisons. For more information, you may call 1-800-221-9393 or go to

2021 Application and Program Guidance has the detailed information you need to apply. Please read carefully before you start your Scholarship Program application.

  • Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program

(Air Force, Army, Navy)

The Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to medical students in exchange for active duty service in the Armed Forces; Air Force, Army and Navy. Obligations incurred in the programs will be fulfilled as medical officers in the appropriate service for a stipulated term.

United States Navy 1-800-284-6289 
United States Air Force 1-800-588-5260 
United States Army 1-888-550-2769 

  • Indian Health Service Scholarships

This program is available only to Native Americans and pays full tuition, other costs of medical education and a monthly stipend. Recipients must serve a year for each year of scholarship assistance they receive. To apply, you may write or call the following:

Division of Health Professions Recruitment & Training
Indian Health Service (HQ) - The Reyes Building, 801 Thompson Avenue, Rockville MD, 20852

  • Hospital Contracts

Students may check with their local hospitals of interest about contracts. Hospital contracts vary based on the student and the hospital involved. Contracts are negotiated with a hospital to pay for a students medical education in return for service at the hospital.

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