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Student Affairs

East Tennessee State University

Academic Appeals

Students on academic probation who do not meet academic retention standards are suspended from the university for one semester. On the second (or subsequent) suspension for failure to meet retention standards, the period of suspension is indefinite. Where extenuating circumstances are established as primary factors relating to low grades, a student may petition to waive the period of suspension.
The appeal process is initiated with a written petition which can be obtained online here or in the Student Affairs office located on the third floor of the D. P. Culp University Center.

The completed application for an academic status appeal can be:

1.) hand delivered to the Student Affairs Office 
2.) faxed to (423) 439-6454

3.) mailed to ETSU P.O.Box 70725, Johnson City, TN 37614-1700  

The contact person for the academic appeal process is Theresa Marlow, (423) 439-5377 or .

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