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Campus ID Services

Division of Student Life and Enrollment

Campus ID Documents and Forms

Review the below forms for your individual needs. Most forms below are required by Campus ID Services prior to receiving request services. To ensure that there is no interruption in service, please have all appropriate parties fill out the needed information and send requests ahead of time before visiting the office. 

Requests can be sent:

  • Email:
  • Fax: (423) 439-8305
  • Hand-delivered

 Please do not edit the below forms. If you see an error and would like it corrected, please contact our office.

Access Forms 

Main Campus
pdf:        CBORD        Onity
word:     CBORD        Onity
Off-Site Facilities 
pdf:        CBORD        Onity
word:     CBORD        Onity
Health Sciences/VA Campus
pdf:        CBORD        Onity
word:      CBORD        Onity
Lactation Suite
Student:            PDF    Word
Non-Student:    PDF    Word

ID Card  and ID Badge Requests

Badge Requests

This form must be filled out by department officials only. Any and all badges made by ID Services must have department approval before a badge can be printed.

Anything entered into the "Other" field on the ETSU Health requests MUST have approval from University Relations and the Dean of the college prior to printing. All positions and areas listed are pre-approved. Requesting new information will delay requests. 

ETSU Health
      - Employee:  PDF       Word
      - Student/Resident:  PDF     Word

ETSU Badge:             PDF       Word

Distance/Online Student ID Card & Badge Requests

If you are looking for how to get an ETSU Student ID card, but are not local to campus, then this form is needed to be filled out and sent to our office to request it be sent to you.

PDF     Word

Guest ID Card Requests

For individuals who are on campus and require an ID card for access to select facilities. These individuals are not considered registered students or employees of the university. This form must be filled out by department officials only. Any and all guest cards made by ID Services must have department approval before a badge can be printed. 

PDF     Word

 ID BUC$ Forms

Employee Payroll Deduction Form

This form is required for joining, changing, or discontinuing your payroll contribution to your ID BUC$ account. Changes for the current pay period must be submitted to ID Services by the 14th of each month. 

PDF     Word

Refund Request Form

For Graduating/Withdrawal/Exiting Employees. This form is required for refunds due to leaving the university only. Refunds will be processed in the form of a check. Please expect 2 weeks before receiving the refund. 

PDF     Word

ID BUC$ Mail-In Deposit Form

This form is needed when mailing a check deposit to ID Services. 

PDF    Word

 ID Card Reader Forms

ID BUC$ Transactions

This form is required to reserve a tablet to accept ID BUC$ for on-campus event or service for a limited time only. 

PDF     Word

Ticket Readers

This form is required to reserve a device to distribute tickets to students for upcoming events. 

PDF     Word

Activity/Attendance Reader

This form is required to reserve a device to record attendance to events. 

PDF     Word


ID Image Use Authorization Release Form
PDF     Word
Campus ID Services Student Employment Application
PDF     Word
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