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ETSU Online

East Tennessee State University

ETSU Online Frequently Asked Questions


What online degree/certificate programs do you offer?
What online classes do you offer?
How much is tuition?
  • ETSU Undergraduate/Graduate eRate (for out-of-state students taking ALL course work online in any semester)
How do I find out if I qualify for Financial Aid and/or Scholarships?
  • Financial Aid - To receive financial aid, you will need to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 
  • Scholarships - A variety of scholarships are available and additionally require that a FAFSA has been completed.
How do I find out if my undergraduate/graduate courses transfer?

Undergraduate:  If you have an Associate's Degree, several community colleges take part in an articulation agreement with ETSU. If you do not see the college from which you took courses or graduated, take a look at our course transfer information page for more assistance.

Graduate:  For policy information regarding transfer of graduate coursework, please contact the School of Graduate Studies.
423-439-4221 or 855-750-5730

How do I submit an application?
How do I check the status of my application or get help retrieving my application PIN?

You can check your application status at any time by logging in to ETSU Admissions Self Service.

If you need help with retrieving your application PIN, below is contact information for help.

423-439-4213 or 800-462-3878
Contact Person: Michele Williams, Associate Director of Admissions
Web Site: Undergraduate Admissions

423-439-4221 or 855-750-5730
Web Site: School of Graduate Studies


I've been admitted, now what?

Undergraduate:  For a complete list of steps to be taken once admitted, please visit the Undergraduate Admissions Office Admitted page and Undergraduate Student Advisement.

Graduate:  Once admitted, please contact your program coordinator for course enrollment advisement.

How do I activate my ETSU Account?

Please visit the Account Activation page to activate your account or change your password. The ITS Help Desk can help if you need assistance.

What is the confirmation process, and is it required?

All students must confirm registration and payment of fees as soon as possible after being admitted. For complete instructions, please visit the Bursar's Office Confirmation of Registration and Payment of Fees page.

Do I have to provide immunization records?

Students who are taking exclusive online courses are exempt from the MMR and Varicella requirements, unless they are living on campus. However, the Online Only Immunization Exemption form must be completed each semester and be on file in the Registrar's Office.

How do I get my Student ID as an online student?

If you are taking online classes and are not local to ETSU's main campus (i.e. outside of the Tri-Cities area), please fill out the Distant Student ID Form and follow the instructions.

What if I have questions about D2L, ETSU email, my password, or need technical support?

Please visit our ITS Help Desk website. Most of your questions can be answered with using the resources available for students. Contact the Help Desk any time you need further technical assistance.

Online Chat

My degree program is in collaboration with TN eCampus. How does that affect me?

Please visit TN eCampus FAQ for steps to be taken in addition to ETSU admission requirements.

How do I order my books?

You can access textbook information through the ETSU Bookstore website well in advance of the start of class to be prepared. For those pursuing a program in collaboration with TN eCampus, please visit TN eCampus FAQ for more information.

I can't see my list of online classes in D2L.

You will not be able to see your classes in D2L until the first day of class. Some instructors of online classes may email the class ahead of time and some may not. Please see our Academic Calendar for important dates, such as the first day of class. If you still cannot view your course site in D2L after classes begin contact the ITS Help Desk.


How do I change my major or degree program?

Undergraduate:  The advisor for the new major you wish to pursue can help with that process.  Visit the Undergraduate Student Advisement page and type in the new major in the advisors search box.

Graduate:  Please contact your current program specialist and explain that you would like to change your degree program. That person will guide you with the next steps.  

What important dates should I consider?
Do I have access to the Library as an online student? 

Yes, ETSU Distance Education/Online Library Resources and Services provides valuable information regarding library services for online students.

866-542-3878 (toll free)

Is tutoring available for online students? 

Yes, you can set up online tutoring with the Center for Academic Achievement  through the CFAA's scheduling system.  

What if I need to come to campus and do not have a parking permit?

For a temporary student parking permit, please complete the ETSU Parking online form.

What resources are available for online graduate students whose program requires a thesis or dissertation?

The School of Graduate Studies, Electronic Thesis and Dissertation website provides a checklist of requirements, access to workshops that are continually available, a list of FAQs, and more.

For more information, please contact:
Emily Redd, Thesis/Dissertation Coordinator


What services are available for online students who just need to talk to someone about personal issues? 

If you need help with setting realistic goals, overcoming obstacles in day-to-day life, or resolving programs, the below Student Success Specialists are here to help.

Undergraduate Student Success Specialist

Graduate Student Success Specialist

I heard that ETSU provides career services for students.  Are those services available for online students?

Yes, our University Career Services offers virtual resume/cover letter review for students looking for a job. They also offer an online job board (Handshake) where students can explore jobs available across the world.

Office contact:



How do I apply for graduation?

Undergraduate Students may follow the graduation instructions provided by the Office of the Registrar.

Graduate Students must contact their program specialist for graduation instructions.

Can my diploma be mailed to me? 

Diplomas will be mailed to students who live outside of a 30 mile radius from ETSU. For complete instructions, please visit the Office of the Registrar, Diplomas information page.

How do I request my transcripts? 

To request official transcripts, please visit the Office of the Registrar, Transcripts information page.


Online Student Specialist

Anthony Johnson 
Online Student Specialist



Online Student Liaison



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