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Campus Recreation

Division of Student Life and Enrollment

Membership Information

ETSU Department of Campus Recreation Memberships

Memberships at the CPA are available to all ETSU students, faculty,staff,active alumni, University affiliates and household members at varying rates.

Student Memberships

All enrolled ETSU students have full access to ETSU Campus Recreation programs and services via Student Activity Fees, this includes CPA Access.

Students have the option to purchase a Spouse/Domestic Partner Membership for their spouse/domestic partner.($80/semester)                 (Must provide documentation)

Students may also purchase Dependent memberships for dependents 21 and younger. (Ages 16-21:$65/semester; 15-Younger: $25/semester) (Must provide documentation)

Current ETSU students not enrolled into summer courses are eligible to purchase a summer membership. (Individual Sessions:$35, Full Summer $65)

Faculty/Staff Memberships

Full time Faculty/Staff receive access to the CPA through their benefit package. 

Adjunct, part-time faculty/staff, and medical residents need to purchase a membership in order to have access to the CPA.($130 per semester)

Any Faculty/Staff member with access to the CPA via benefits or purchase are eligible to purchase a Spouse/Domestic Partner Membership for one household member ($130/semester) (Must provide documentation)

Any Faculty/Staff member with access to the CPA via benefits or purchase are eligible to purchase Dependent memberships for Dependents 21 and younger.(Ages 16-21:$75/semester, 15-younger:$45)                              (Must provide documentation)


ETSU Retirees receive complimentary access to the CPA upon retiring.

Retiree members may purchase a Spouse/Domestic Partner membership for one household member ($130/semester) (Must provide documentation)

Retiree members may purchase Dependent memberships for Dependents 21 and younger: (Ages 16-21:$75/semester, 15-younger:$45)                (Must provide documentation)

Alumni Memberships

Alumni memberships are available to Alumni of the university that hold an active membership with ETSU Alumni Association

For more information please click here

Required Documentation

For any member who wishes to purchase a Spouse/Domestic Partner or Dependent(s) memberships, you are required to come with the sponsored members to complete the application.

Photo Identification (confirms birth date) is required for all spouses/dependents that are 16 and older.

Spouse/Domestic Partners are required to provide documentation of spousal/dp status. Accepted forms of documentation are:

1. Marriage Certificate

2. Documentation of residence at same address (driver's license, household bill, mortgage/rental agreement,credit card bill)

Forms of Payment

ETSU Campus Recreation now accepts all forms of payment!!!             (Credit Card/Cash/Check/Id Bucs)

Full Time/Part-Time Faculty/Adjunct Faculty & Staff may purchase a membership via pay roll deduction.

Payroll Deduct memberships are valid until cancelled. Members must cancel by the 5th of the month to not be charged for the subsequent month's membership dues.

Non-payroll deduct memberships purchased 30 days or more after the semester start date will be pro-rated based on a monthly rate calculation. Member Services will be able to provide a price point for the rate prior to purchase.

All memberships are non-refundable.


Guest Pass Policy

The price of a Guest Pass is $8.00 and is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Any CPA member that presents their valid ETSU ID card may purchase a  day Guest Pass at the Member Services Desk.

All guests in the CPA are required to have a Guest Pass (receipt from purchase). The following rules apply to Guest Passes:

The CPA member must present their valid ETSU ID card and the "Guest" must provide other photo identification along with phone number and email address.

All new guest of the facility will be required to have a membership profile created which requires a photo to be attached. Member Services will take photo of guest upon initial payment.

Guest Passes are good from the time purchased until the CPA closes that day.

Guest must always be accompanied by their sponsor while within the CPA.

Passes are only valid when the "Guest" is accompanied by the "Sponsor."

Sponsors are limited to two (2) Guest Passes during the same day.

The CPA and its staff reserve the right to deny access to any person at any time.

 Guest passes provide guests access to informal recreation throughout the CPA, including the pool, indoor climbing wall, and Group Fitness classes. 

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